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Why Hug Your Dog Day Is Worth Celebrating, and How to Do it Right

Hello there, fellow dog parents and lovers! Today we're discussing something that will get those tails wagging: Hug Your Dog Day. After becoming a fur parent, your 10th of April will no longer be an ordinary day. Instead, it will become a special opportunity to show your furry friend some love.

Hug Your Dog day also offers surprising benefits for you and your pup, so let's talk more about them and learn how to celebrate the holiday.

What Is Hug Your Dog Day and Why Is It Important?

Let's do a background check about this special occasion and why it matters (even if you think you can hug your dog anytime).


Hug Your Dog day is a national holiday, but it's not official. That doesn't reduce its essence, though! This is an excellent time for dog owners to celebrate and express affection to their fur babies.

This holiday was created by Ami Moore, a Chicago-based trainer and author who wanted to honor the loyalty and companionship of dogs.

This day was also previously called National Hug Your Hound Day and initially observed in the United Kingdom. It is now widely celebrated in America in an effort to make the country more pup-friendly.


You don't need a reason to hug your pup. When you love them, you naturally want to do it. Even so, there's some insightful information you might be interested to know.

A Boost of Oxytocin

Hugging your furry friend helps release Oxytocin, a neurotransmitter in your brain. This cuddle hormone can strengthen and make the bond between you and your pet more meaningful. It creates a sense of bonding, reduces stress, and provides a calming effect. It can help make visits to the vet and grooming less stressful for your furry friend.

Get to Know Your Dog Better

Here's the thing. While a hug is usually enjoyable, most dogs don’t like it and may recognize it as an act of restraint or pressure. This can also depend on your body language, your dog's personality, species, and circumstances. This day can help you reflect, get to know your furry friend better, and give them the best kind of love possible.

Dogs Helped Us In Plenty of Ways

Dogs deserve a special day for all the things they've done for us humans, from being home companions to smart work assistants. Give some love to pet dogs, police dogs, service dogs, and more! They're unconditionally loyal and reliable, so now's a perfect time to show appreciation for them with a warm, tight hug or special treatment.

5 Special Ways to Shower Your Dog With Love on Hug Your Dog Day

Hug Your Dog Day can be celebrated in various ways, so don’t worry if your dog doesn’t fancy a warm hug. You can still pamper your furry friend on this special day with these five dog day ideas!

Take Your Dog on a Long Walk

Long walks are a must if you're looking for simple and fantastic ways to spend Hugging Your Dog day. Take them for a hike into the great outdoors. Wear proper gear and clothing for particular weather conditions, so you and your dog can enjoy the experience safely.

Consider trying a new route or going to fun places like dog parks for a more enjoyable time. It will help you and your dog exercise and mingle with other pet owners.

Give Them an Exclusive Treat

Feed your dog a special meal, such as a healthy snack from the local pet shop or a gourmet meal. You may also prepare their favorite food or shake things up with a new homemade recipe. If you want to give your pet some treats, remember that they should be pet-approved and only be given occasionally.

Take them out on a dog date to a pup-friendly diner. Places like this have special treats in store so pet owners can eat with their fur babies. These are only some of the plenty of ways to use food to show gratitude to your dog.

Snap Some Photos

Sharing is caring! Be sure to take photos of your celebration and share the moment on social media. If you have a flair for storytelling, consider blogging about it or filming a video of you hugging your dog and encouraging friends to share. This will help first-time dog parents be aware of the holiday and plan their own unique ways to celebrate it.

Thank the People Who Helped Improve Your Dog's Quality of Life

This day is also a great opportunity to give back to the ones contributing to your dog's well-being—your vets, groomers, dog trainers, friends, or family members. They also deserve recognition for their care and efforts.

Hand them a small gift of appreciation. It can be as simple as a gift basket, a thank you card, or a pet-related gift for your fellow fur parents. Let them know that your pup wouldn't be the cute, healthy dog they are today without their help.

Adopt Pets

Hug Your Dogs Day isn't just for pet owners but also aspiring pet lovers! If you aren't a fur parent yet and considering becoming one, this day presents a fantastic opportunity to adopt your first dog. Give them a warm welcome in a loving and affectionate home!

Giving a homeless animal a chance to live a new and better life is incredibly rewarding. That said, pet ownership takes serious consideration and careful preparation. So don't forget to give it some thought before taking action.

Open Your Arms for Hug Your Dog Day

A holiday dedicated to animals is nothing less than a human holiday. Dogs, especially, have done so much to bring humans joy, comfort, and assistance in personal and professional environments. These are enough reasons to give them a day to acknowledge their role in our lives.

One of these holidays is National Hug Your Dog Day. You can show them how much you treasure their presence in your life by simply opening your arms and giving your dog an affectionate hug. You may also try the dog date ideas we discussed for more chances to strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged friend. Ready, set, hug!

Lifelike Pets from Perfect Petzzz

Do you like hugs but are unsure of embracing life with a real pet? In that case, consider practicing pet ownership with a lifelike dog! Perfect Petzzz has got your back. We have small and regular-sized pets that only need sleep and cuddles from you—every day will feel like Hug a Dog Day with Perfect Petzzz!

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