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What are Perfect

These adorable pets offers a real pet ownership experience without the hassles and expense. Say goodbye to feedings and vet bills. Say hello to lots of love and cuddles. Perfect Petzzz - the ultimate pet.

Cute & Fluffy

Our Perfect Petzzz are made of 100% handcrafted synthetic fur. Giving you the fluffiness any real pets have.

Unique Experience

We offers a unique alternative to pet ownership. Our lifelike pets offer the maximum relaxation for all ages.

Your Companion

They’re wonderful companions for seniors and children, providing a lifelike, loving ownership experience.

Our Story
and Mission

88 Unlimited is a locally owned company based in Austin, Texas with a deep love and passion for animals.  We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy and companionship of owning a pet.  That led us to come up with Perfect Petzzz!  These adorable puppies and kittens offer a life-like alternative to pet ownership that all ages and walks of life can enjoy, without the hassle and responsibilities of a real pet!  With our unique adoption program, everyone can truly have the pet they’ve always wanted!  

We’re especially proud that Perfect Petzzz has touched the lives of so many people; including children with developmental disabilities such as Autism, and older adults with cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s.   

Like us, the city we live and work in is home to many dog and cat lovers, that’s why we donate a portion of the proceeds of each Perfect Petzzz we sell to our local animal shelter.


Perfect Petzzz are the Ultimate pet.  Enjoy!


Kean Chan, Founder

Jonathan Jenkins, Cofounder

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