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Perfect Petzzz Custom Gift Card


  • The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion
- Express how much you care by sending a gift card for birthdays, anniversaries, and any other occasion. With Perfect Petzzz gift cards, you can show your loved ones how much they mean to you by giving them the gift of choice.
  • Convenient, Emailed Digital Cards
- No more waiting in long lines! We make gift-giving easy without the need to leave the house and go to a store. Simply choose an amount and we’ll send an email containing the gift card.
  • No Fees, Funds Never Expire
- Your recipient can use the card immediately or save it for later. This ultimate present allows the recipient to conveniently choose a furry new friend that they like. You won't be charged with any hidden fees or service charges when you order our Gift Cards.
  • Give With Peace of Mind
- If you have someone who’s hard to shop for, our gift cards are the answer to your dilemma. Let your friends and family choose their own gift from the wide range of products from Perfect Petzzz like: Originals Puppies & Kittens, Minis Petzzz, Toy Sets, Bag Totes, and more.

*Perfect Petzzz Gift Cards can only be redeemed at http://www.PerfectPetzzz.com. Enter gift card code at checkout.
**Perfect Petzzz Gift Cards are Non Refundable/Non Transferable

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What our customers are saying

  • Constance McKinley

    Brought this gift for my grandkids uncle. This one is the most adorable little fellow I met! Love this!. 
  • Deb Tilbury

    Amy granddaughter loves it!.
  • Shel

    My girls see this at the Hallmark store they ask for one every time since COVID have not been able to get to the mall it's been closed. Now it's getting close to their birthday I was suprised to find them here. They will be very excited to get their breathing puppy!.
  • KR

    I like them dog it's cute. I was expecting it to be higher though, more lifelike and eyes open and close for my dog. Other than that it makes a good coffee table decoration.
  • Ron

    Granddaughter love it. Came with it's own bed sound breathing great and it's belly mover.
  • Richard Robinson

    Love the product!!!
  • Brenda Atkins

    Was as listed. Given to mom for Christmas in nursing home. Hers was put to sleep years before admit to nursing home. She loved this and kept it close by her. She died the following month. But her dog was beside her the whole time. Staff and visitors thought was a real dog as it would breathe. Well worth the money.
  • Marc Barrera

    Gave this puppy to my 5yo for her birthday and she loves it!.
  • Amazon Customer

    The most beautiful and life like my yorkie. the most comfort way to honor him and recall those happy day. purchased 2 and place one next to his urm.
  • Cayitaurbina

    It is super adorable!. My daughter love it!
  • Josh 

    This set of pretend dog toys is cute!. It's great way to let your (*adult?) children indulge their imagination with their favorite plush toys. They were designed for Perfect Petzzz brand toys. but will "fit" just fine for any plush animal about that size (a foot long or so.)
  • Amazon Customer

    Super cute!. We lost our 6yo King Charles to blur-green algae. He snored and so does this little guy.
  • Laura Karaszewski 

    Very cute and realistic 
  • Renee M. Covert

    She loved it!. 

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