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Should You Take Your Dog to a Daycare for Animals? 

Are you a pet parent looking for a fun and safe way to keep your dog happy while you're away from home? Taking your pet to a daycare for animals is a brilliant solution. Because what pet wouldn't enjoy a fun-filled space with newfound furry friends? 

This blog post will cover everything you need to know about pet daycare, including the benefits and things to consider while selecting one for your dogs.

What is a Dog Daycare?

A dog daycare is a temporary dog shelter and play area. You can leave your dog in this fun facility during the day and pick him up after work. A dog daycare usually offers training sessions, boarding, and grooming services during a pet's stay on the premises. 

Dog Daycare vs. Dog Kennels

Dog daycare centers are a great option if your dog is social and loves to play. Most daycare centers have a large indoor and outdoor play area where your dog can run around and socialize with other dogs. 

Kennels, on the other hand, are often found at vet clinics and grooming facilities. Most kennels also provide grooming services, training, and veterinary care. When dogs check into a boarding kennel, they're provided with private living areas.

Dog Daycare vs. Pet Sitter

A dog daycare operates with a drop and pickup system. Usually, some daycare facilities don't allow overnight guests. So, if you're looking to have someone who can take great care of your pet in your home while you're away, pet sitters are a good option. 

These professionals come into your home and give your furry friends the love and attention they need in a familiar and comfy environment. 

4 Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Dogs are incredibly social animals. While your dog is used to your daily routine, they may not be thrilled about spending their days alone while you're away. This is where enrolling your dog in a daycare facility might be helpful.

Here are some benefits of doggy daycare for your furry friends:

Reduces Separation Anxiety

A dog suffering from separation anxiety may spend the day howling and wailing. Some dogs' anxiety often leads to destructive behavior while you're away. This can be a dilemma for pet owners like you. 

A doggy daycare can help reduce their separation anxiety. This type of facility allows your pup to bond with other furry friends. Playing with their companions helps them have the physical activity and connection they need. 


Pet owners want the best for their furbabies. This includes providing opportunities for socialization, even if it means making some new furry friends of their own. Dog daycare services give your dog the needed socialization in a safe and structured environment. 

Your dog can interact with other canines in this facility while being monitored by trained professionals. This helps your dog become more comfortable around other dogs and develop critical social skills

Dog Training

Sometimes, a dog daycare may offer more than just fun playtime for your pets. You can bundle all these extra services with on-site training and optional grooming services into a single visit. 

Dog daycare facilities usually have trained employees who can teach your pet about basic commands or other advanced tricks. 

If they do not offer pet training, you can always teach your beloved pet at home and treat them with their favorite food and toys as a reward.

Maintains Routine

Depending on your pet's age, their typical routine at home may include regular walks, exercise, meal times, and well-deserved naps that keep them healthy and happy. If you're away from home, this routine may be affected. 

When you're away for long hours, it's important to provide structure for your dog's activities. Dog daycare services help maintain a routine for your pets while you're away. You can feel at ease knowing your dog will follow consistent routines.

5 Things Pet Parents Must Consider When Choosing a Doggy Daycare

Every dog daycare facility is different. Services, training, and prices will vary. Of course, pet parents would only be comfortable leaving their dearest dogs in daycare if safety and great care were guaranteed. 

Here's a list of things you need to check before boarding your pet at a dog daycare:

  • Clean and Safe Facilities

A tour of the facilities helps you choose the best doggy daycare for your pup. This will give you an idea of what a typical day in the daycare would look like. 

Ask the staff members how often they clean the food and water bowls, toys, and the shared activity spaces. Check if the facility offers good ventilation, solid fencing, and safe floor surfaces during your tour. 

  • Dog Behavior Test

Although the benefits of taking your dog to daycare are promising, not all dogs are suitable for a daycare environment. Some dogs may have aggressive behavior that may affect other dogs and staff in the facility. 

Even if your pet is friendly, it may feel overwhelmed in a setting with numerous other dogs around them. This is why most well-run daycare centers assess each dog before they're allowed entry. Some conduct a temperament test and assess the dog's personality. 

Dog daycare facilities usually introduce your pet to other dogs in the facility slowly until they become comfortable. Make sure your chosen daycare has this kind of rule before boarding your dog at the facility. 

Pet Health Policies

When choosing a doggy daycare, ensure they require vaccination records for every dog. If they don't ask for your pet's records, it might be the same for other pups. So be mindful of this when enrolling your furbaby. 

Aside from vaccination records, ensure the daycare knows what to do if a health emergency arises. Talk to them about special conditions your pet may have, like allergies or other chronic illnesses. This will help ensure your pet's safe stay in the daycare.

Staff Members' Training

The staff at a daycare facility must have professional experience working with dogs. They should also have received additional training on safely handling a group of dogs. This is essential to provide a secure space for every pup. 

The staff's knowledge can make all the difference in calming any tension between dogs. Make sure to inquire about their proper protocols if an altercation or incident happens inside the facility. 

Daycare Cost

As a pet parent, feeling reassured that your dog would be in good company while in doggy daycare is important. That is why many doggy daycare centers offer free half-day trials. This will put your mind at ease and allow you to save money before you commit full-time.

Check for discounts and other promo programs that you can avail of with regular visits. It wouldn't hurt to save money that can be used for buying other pet necessities

Can You Handle Being Away From Your Furry Friends? 

It can be daunting to consider boarding your pup or kitty in daycare. It's natural to worry that their routines may get disrupted or that they may not be in the best hands once you leave them at the facility. 

Why not try a pet alternative? Perfect Petzzz offers lifelike dogs and cats that can give you the gift of companionship without the hassles of pet ownership. With these lifelike pets, you don't have to worry about their routine or socialization once you're away for work or vacation. 

Try pet ownership without worries by adopting a lifelike pet today!

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