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In Good Hands: An Ideal Day in the Life of Pet Sitting Services

Having a pet requires a great deal of work. You must do feeding, drinking, grooming, and exercise frequently. Unfortunately, not all pet owners have the time or energy to keep up with these demands. 

A pet sitting service is often a lifesaver for pet parents! This assistance consists of animal lovers who have taken their passion further by turning it into a business. Best of all, pet sitters inspire us about pet care because of their willingness for animals.

Perhaps their love and commitment are there, but pet sitting goes beyond just keeping an eye on pets. So let’s find out how professional pet sitters carry out their responsibilities—an eye opener if you want to take on the pet sitting path yourself!

The Workday of a Professional Pet Sitter

No two days are exactly alike with pet sitters. For instance, they might juggle the needs of multiple pets from a client or do an overnight house sitting the next day. 

Nevertheless, there is typically a fairly predictable rhythm to their workday. Here are some common activities that they do during each visit:

Meeting with Clients

Pet sitters meet with multiple clients. Some are families on vacation or busy professionals who need someone to watch over their fur babies while away from home.

During the visitation, pet sitters take time to get to know the animal. They talk to the pet owner about the animal’s health, age, and personality. Knowing this information is important to help the pet sitter understand them.

Once the client and pet sitter are happy with their service arrangements, it’s time to exchange keys and proceed with animal house sitting.

A Walk in the Park

Pets need to burn off energy as people do. Walking, for one, is a great way for them to avoid weight complications. It also provides a unique opportunity for pets to experience different sights, smells, and sounds outdoors.

Playing fetch at the park is one way to get dogs plenty of workouts. Dog sitters use a leash to ensure the dog doesn’t run off. On the other hand, using a laser point or string gets cats moving to keep their bodies active and healthy.

Feeding Time

After the walk, it’s time for some treats at home! Feeding time is a major day for pets, and pet sitters play a vital role in ensuring they are well-nourished.

Professional pet sitters check that each pet has the right portion size of food based on age and activity level. Cats and dogs usually enjoy wet and dry food, plus some yummy treats to get them the nutrients their body needs.

Cleaning Inspection and Dirt Removal

House pets like cats and dogs can easily become dirty. They can track in all sorts of dirt and bacteria from outside, which can quickly lead to an unclean home. And if their hygiene is not checked regularly, they can develop health problems.

Professional pet sitters thoroughly check a pet’s hygiene and ensure they are clean. It can be through taking a bath, ear cleaning, nail trimming, or fur brushing. Also, they don’t miss keeping the house clean and tidy. This chore means regular vacuuming, mopping, scooping a litter box, and picking up after accidents.

Playtime Session

A pet sitting service wouldn’t be complete without some playtime! Pet sitters reward their furry companions by taking out squeaky toys and playing with them for a while. It helps the pets to stay active despite their parent’s absence.

Cuddle sessions are also what dogs and cats enjoy during playtime! In addition to giving them a chance to unwind and form bonds with their human pals, it keeps them warm and comfortable. Moreover, they want to receive a little extra love and attention, much like us.

Establishing Regular Nap Time

Like small children, pets need time to break and recharge to stay healthy. It’s the pet sitter’s job to assure they will get the right amount of rest. This means creating a cozy space to sleep in, providing them with a few items to keep them occupied, and avoiding much noise while sleeping.

Following these practices helps pets feel safe and secure, knowing they can count on their temporary pet parents to provide them with the necessary peace.

A Perfect Pet Alternative for Busy Animal Lovers

Have you ever considered becoming a professional pet sitter or pet parent but been deterred by the thought of actually caring for a real animal? 

You’re not alone. As we’ve mentioned, pet sitting is a challenging profession. When you agree to care for someone’s pet, you agree to take on the same duties as a pet owner. Moreover, pets require attention and care around the clock, so a full-time commitment is something you need to anticipate.

In that case, Perfect Petzzz has the alternative for you: lifelike animal companions! They are realistic plush pets requiring no feeding, walking, or cleaning up afterward. These pets are a great alternative for busy animal lovers who might not have the time or luxury to care for the real thing. So take these lifelike cuddly kittens and puppies out of their box, cuddle them, and enjoy their companionship.

Our pets come in various breeds and colors to suit any preference, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap on what a pet sitting service does in a day! It might be demanding work, but the experience is beyond price. But, of course, every day is different, and they often have to adjust their routine based on the needs of each pet and client. Even so, this should give you an idea of the tasks involved in providing quality pet care. 

If you cannot do all these things yourself, check out our website to learn more about our unique pet products before setting off into this demanding but ultimately rewarding endeavor.

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