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No More, No Less: 7 Ways to Maintain Proper Dog Water Intake

It's not a secret that dogs need plenty of water as humans do. Unfortunately, many dog owners, especially new ones, still overlook this and put their four-legged companions at risk.

We understand. It's hard to calculate how much water to give your dog daily, and you can't always be there for them. Still, you must learn about proper dog water intake to ensure your furry friend is healthy and avoid any problems along the line.

So here are some quick tips to help you check if your dog is getting enough, too little, or too much. Then, determine the best solutions and preventive measures to ensure your dog maintains a healthy water intake.

How to Ensure Your Dog Has a Healthy Water Intake: 7 Tips

As a new fur parent, ensuring your furry friend drinks the right amount of water daily can be tough, especially when you're out of sight. What if they get thirsty and nobody is there to help them? What if they drink too much or too little? How do I know if they still have a good intake?

At first, it might seem like a difficult task. But once you learn how to monitor them and find the right solutions, you can relax knowing your furry companion is well-hydrated. Begin with these seven tips on proper water intake for dogs!

#1: Understand the Basics of Pet Water Intake

The first step is to know the normal water intake for a dog. Generally, adult dogs should drink about an ounce of water per pound of body weight daily. However, this can change depending on their weight, age, size, diet, activity levels, and weather conditions.

If your dog weighs 60 pounds, for instance, they will need about 60 ounces of daily water intake. On the other hand, if your furry friend is still a puppy, they should drink small amounts (approximately one-half cup) of fresh water every two hours. 

#2: Look for Early Signs

Stay alert and observe your dog's behavior. If you think they're drinking not enough or too much water, seek professional help from your veterinarian immediately. Here's a quick guide on the symptoms of dehydration and overhydration.

Increased heart rateLoss of coordination and restlessness
Weakness or collapsingVomiting
Sunken eyesBloating
Dry tongue and gumsPale gums
Thick salivaDilated pupils and glazed eyes

You can also do a skin tent: pinch and pull a portion of your pet's neck skin upward and release it. If the skin bounces back into place in a smooth and quick motion, it means your dog is well-hydrated. Otherwise, it could indicate dehydration.

#3: Supervise Your Dog's Activities

Does your furry friend enjoy wet activities like swimming? They’re good exercises, but be there to ensure they're not doing it for too long. They might over-consume water, leading to conditions like overhydration or hyponatremia.

It's only natural for them to consume water, especially when retrieving toys, so you don't have to be overly concerned. Still, encourage frequent breaks and monitor their behavior. The same thing goes for when they play with water sprinklers or hoses.

#4: Learn Tricks to Encourage Your Dog to Drink

Some furry companions are just not that fond of water. If your dog falls into this group, do these five things to encourage them to drink more. 

  1. Don't forget to praise and give them treats whenever they manage to drink.
  2. Consider adding enticing flavors like chicken to your pet's water bowl.
  3. Use a drinking water fountain to lure them into drinking.
  4. Place the water bowl close to other necessities your dog often comes to, like food bowls and beds. 
  5. Switch from canned food to a balanced raw diet to increase their water intake per meal.

#5: Use Efficient Tracking or Calculating Tools

If you want to be extra careful about your dog's water intake, consider using apps and gadgets for tracking. For example, smart devices allow you to monitor your pet's water consumption. They indicate the dog's current intake and compare it to the normal and healthy amount to help them improve.

Another example would be an online dog water intake calculator. You just have to input necessary information like the dog's age, weight, and activity levels. Then, it'll recommend a healthy volume of water for your dog's daily consumption. Do note that most calculators only provide estimates; your vet still knows best.

#6: Keep Their Water Bowls Fresh and Clean

Keeping fresh water in clean bowls is the best way to ensure your dog is well-hydrated. Check the water bowls regularly and clean them with soap and warm water to avoid bacteria growth. If you're using a water fountain, change the filter accordingly.

When buying a water bowl for your dog, choose something heavy and wide enough to avoid spilling and tipping. Stainless steel bowls, in particular, are pet-friendly and easy to clean. 

#7: Consult Your Veterinarian

When you're no longer sure about your dog's water intake, it's time to bring your concerns to the vet. 

Your dog may be drinking less water for various reasons. It could be due to their diet or the weather. Worse, they might be suffering from an underlying illness.

As a newbie fur parent, this can be difficult to figure out. Hence, always choose to be safe than sorry and have a professional check on your furry companion. They will help you understand your dog's behavior better, set a healthy water intake goal, and give you more tips on how to achieve it.

Pet Hydration Is Too Important to Ignore

Dogs may be different from us humans, but they need the same care with water consumption. Otherwise, you're putting your furry friend's life at risk. So if you're unsure how to increase or decrease water intake in dogs, follow our seven tips!

And if you're still in doubt, don't hesitate to ask your vet's opinion. They would be more than willing to steer your dog's journey to a well-hydrated life.

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