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8 Tips to Celebrate World Cat Day Indoors

It's World Cat Day! Today is a wonderful time to take your feline friend outdoors and give them a purr-fect treatment for their special day. You can take them out for a walk, get them a pet ID, or join a cat-themed party with your neighbors. But what if you choose to stay at home?

Cats are curious by nature, so they like to explore their surroundings. But there's no denying that it may often lead to them getting into trouble when left unsupervised. 

Because of this, you're constantly worried about your cat going missing or getting hurt. This is especially concerning if your cat has a timid personality, disability, or medical problem.

For World Cat Day, outdoor celebrations aren't the only option. You and your feline buddy can also have fun in a safe and stimulating indoor environment! Here are some tips for establishing a happy home life for your indoor cat.

National and International Cat Day at Home: 8 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors

Staying indoors is a more suitable choice for some cats. It encourages animal welfare—keeping them away from bustling streets and other potential dangers along the way. However, indoor life can also be boring and may lead to health issues like inactivity, stress, and obesity.

We don't want any of those negative scenarios. This is especially crucial on their special days like August 8th (International Cat Day) and October 29th (National Cat Day). To make the celebration fun and safe, here are eight tips to make your cat's indoor life happy!

Tip #1: Get Your Cat a New Toy

A new toy is always a great way to celebrate a special day! Consider it as a little gift for National Cat Day. It'll give your feline friend something to look forward to and keep them occupied at home. Examples of clever cat toys are cat condos, treat balls, treats, laser pen lights, or even a new cozy bed.

Tip #2: Provide a Clean Litter Box in a Quiet Space

Cats are often quiet and clean freaks. They would act reluctant toward a dirty litter box in a busy area. So if you want to keep them indoors, you must clean the litter box regularly and be sure to put it in a quiet place at home. If you're reading this and haven't scooped up the box yet, do it now!

Tip #3: Keep Them Active with Daily Exercises

Like people, cats need to be active to maintain their health. It'll also help prevent some issues we mentioned earlier, such as stress and obesity. To keep them active, look for activities that allow your cat to chase, jump, and run around. Don't have time to play with them? Set up a climbing tower they can explore or give toys instead.

Tip #4: Don't Leave Doors and Windows Open

Cats, being the curious animals they are, will most likely be tempted to go outside if they see an open door or window. For this reason, you should make a habit of closing or screening off doors, windows, or any open spaces that might encourage your feline friend to escape. Let the other members of the household know as well.

Tip #5: Make a Special Homemade Meal

On World Cat Day (or any day actually), you can show your cat some extra love by preparing a homemade pet meal. It doesn't have to be expensive; it can be something as simple as tuna treats, cat food with rice and chicken, or cat food with meat and oatmeal. Your little companion will thank you with lots of purrs!

Tip #6: Get Your Cat a Pet ID, Collar, or Tag

Sometimes, your cat escaping can be inevitable. In times like this, having an identification will help you to find them easily. A pet ID, for instance, contains the pet owner's name, address, and contact details. If your cat gets lost, whoever finds them may get in touch with you quickly.

Tip #7: Bring the Outdoors in with a Fence

Can't help but give in to your cat's love for adventures? Maybe you can build a catio for them. If you own an outdoor space, put a fence on it so that your cat can get a taste of the outside world safely. Supervise them when you can, and ensure there are no escape routes or hazardous things (e.g., toxic plants) in your yard.

Tip #8: Be Their Main Companion

Like any other pet, a cat needs your attention and love. If you're not around often, a cat may get anxious or depressed. So be sure to spend some time playing with them each day. Brush their fur and pamper them on their special day. This is very important if you want them to stay happy indoors.

Celebrate Cat Day in the Comforts of Your Home

Happy World Cat Day! Cats are lovable creatures that brighten up our dull days. So on their special day, let's return the favor and ensure they have a joyful time. Many outdoor activities are waiting for them, but you can also have fun indoors. So don't worry if you need to keep them at home; the tips we discussed can give your feline friend the best indoor life possible!

Don't Want the Hassle of Training Cats Indoors? Get a Lifelike Cat from Perfect Petzzz

Meanwhile, are you not up for the challenge of training a cat indoors? Perhaps you have a complicated household situation that prevents you from taking in a furry friend. Maybe you're a cat lover but not ready to take on the responsibilities of a cat owner. Here’s a realistic pet alternative for you.

You can get a lifelike cat and still celebrate this special pet day. Perfect Petzzz offers various lovely kittens, dogs, and puppies that look and feel realistic. The difference is that you don't have to train them and spend money on cat food and vet expenses. They only need your endless cuddles!
Get your own lifelike kitten today and say Happy International Cat Day!

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