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Pet ID for Dogs: Why It Makes Sense to Get One

As loving dog owners, we can get too comfortable with our pets that we let our guard down. It seems unlikely for them to go out on their own whim when all they need for play is inside the house. Until one day you leave the door ajar, and your dog is nowhere to be found.

A dreadful missing dog scenario like this will make you consider a pet ID. But if you're still looking for more reasons to get one, here they are.

5 Ways a Pet ID Can Help

It lets a stranger know a dog has an owner.

If a good Samaritan finds your dog roaming, they will look for the owner. Instinct will make them check for information that a pet ID contains. So if your dog doesn't have one, it will take some work for the helper to return your furry beloved.

Pet IDs give someone ready information to be of help. It lets them know that someone owns a pet dog and the owner cares. 

It keeps you from losing your dog to a shelter or someone else.

People who come across a dog without a pet ID will either take the dog to a shelter or adopt it because they’ll think it's abandoned.

Getting your dog a pet ID lets your dog find its way back to you. It ensures your dog doesn't end up in a place you don't want them to be in.

You’ll be more at ease taking off the leash.

Taking off the leash and letting your dog roam free benefits both our dogs and us. On the other hand, the likelihood of our dog going missing leaves us with doubts. 

Losing them can be scary, but finding them can be less daunting if you get your dog a pet ID. You can be sure that if someone encounters the dog, there's a high chance they’ll return. It gives you a little confidence letting your pet go leashless.

It's more convenient for everyone.

A pet ID also helps the community return your dog to you. On your part, the pet ID acts as a missing dog poster: you don't have to go around town posting pictures of your pet and offering a reward.

Other people can also identify your dog. For example, if the stranger who found your dog cannot return them, they can pass it along to someone else. Dog tags on pet collars allow people to see the information right away, so your neighbors or the dog shelter personnel can contact you right away.

It serves as an emergency contact.

An accident is another possible scenario your dog faces when they're lost. In this case, a pet ID can serve as an emergency contact when a first responder or a vet has to contact you immediately.

Things You Must Know Before Getting Your Dog a Pet ID

Now that you understand the importance of a pet ID, you need to know some crucial things before getting one for your dog.

Pet ID essential information

An owner must include these three things in every pet identification.

  1. Pet's name
  2. Pet owner's name
  3. Owner's primary contact information

Other things that an owner can include are the following:

  1. Complete address
  2. Alternate phone number
  3. Your pet's condition or disabilities

Where to get a pet ID

The good thing about pet tags is they're easy to find. You can get it at your local pet store, online marketplaces, and your vet.

Do you still need to get your dog microchipped?

Yes. A pet tag is a convenient solution to get your dog home, but it's not foolproof. Dog collars and tags are easy to lose or remove. In such a scenario, a microchip is your only chance of finding your pet.

Stop Worrying About Losing Your Pet Dog

If you think getting a pet ID or losing a pet dog is too much work, you can always get yourself a perfect pet alternative.

Perfect Petzzz offers lifelike animals that remain indoors and always stick around. It eliminates any worries you might have about your dog ending up lost. 

These lifelike pets come in different sizes.

  • Originals — These Perfect Petzzz are the size of cuddly puppies and kittens. If you’d like, they may also come with a pet ID just like the real ones.
  • Minis — These pets come in a size similar to newborn puppies and kittens. Like the Originals, they purr and snore, but they sleep on a small pillow.

You’ll have plenty to choose from in our collection. So go ahead and own a Perfect Petzzz today.

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