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Introducing the velcro cat! This is the type of cat that will give you LOTS of affection and attention. They broke the stereotypical cat personality of being aloof and indifferent. 

Velcro cats will follow you everywhere you go -- even to the bathroom. They will deliberately put themselves on top of your computer when you are working. You will always catch them staring at you or meowing while you are preparing to leave the house. And because they always want to be with you, they may refuse to eat when you are not around. 

Although it is nice to have a cat that seems devoted to you, it may also mean that something is amiss, and it could be a bit troubling over time. What if your kitty becomes too much to handle?

Difference between a clingy cat and a friendly cat

First, let us draw the line between a friendly cat and a clingy cat to check if your pet is turning into a velcro type. 

Friendly CatClingy Cat
Your cat rubs herself against your foot or legs when she is only hungry.Your cat is lying on you out of nowhere.
Your cat licks or kneads you sometimes.Your cat always licks or kneads you whenever she wants.
Your cat is alright being alone all the time.Your cat follows you everywhere you go, even while you are using the bathroom.
Your cat peacefully plays by herself while you are working or reading.Your cat will do anything to get your attention, like putting herself on top of your laptop or book.
Your cat will never stare at you and will avoid your eyes if you do so.Your cat stares at you almost 24/7.
Your cat is content eating by herself.You must be at home when she eats, or else she will not eat.
Your cat loves to sleep alone in her own bed.Your cat treats your bed as their own just to be close to you.

In short, a friendly cat will get your attention only when she needs you. This is not the case with a clingy or velcro cat. They want to be around you day and night, even while you are sleeping or busy with your own day to day activities.

Two types of a clingy cat

There are two "breeds" of a velcro cat: the needy cat and the demanding cat. We've mentioned above the characteristics of a needy cat when we compared it to a friendly cat. How about a finicky cat? Here are the signs that you have one:

  • Your cat yells at you when it is lunch or dinner time.
  • Your cat will cause a commotion to wake you up in the morning.
  • Your cat will do anything until you pick her up.
  • Your cat spontaneously sits on your lap without being invited.

9 Signs that your cat is clingy

Now let us dive deeper into the workings of a velcro cat. If you experienced four or more of the scenarios below, congratulations (?) you have a clingy cat:

  1. You've lost count on how many times you've tripped over your cat.
  2. You are always cautious when you walk around your house to avoid stepping on your cat.
  3. Your cat repeatedly kneads or scratches you to get attention.
  4. Your cat goes on a hunger strike if you are not at home.
  5. You are always sharing your bed with your cat, or is it the other way around?
  6. They will get restless when you sit on a different chair.
  7. Your cat will cling to you whenever she gets a chance.
  8. You will find yourself petting your cat always.
  9. Your cat is always rushing towards you whenever you leave the house and will demand you to stay.

Why is your cat so clingy?

At first, you've thought it is cute, but later on, you will realize how distressing it is for both of you. As much as you want to be there for your cat, it is not possible. You still have to go to work or school or run some errands inside and outside the house. 

But why is your cat clingy in the first place?  Is it somehow your fault because you are spoiling her? You are letting her do whatever she wants. You let them bother you and even reward their needy behavior with treats, scratches, or belly rubs.

However, if it is nothing like that, then maybe it is inherent or a medical condition? It is possible that she was separated from her mom too early, and now she thinks you are her true "mother." Another reason is she is a foster kitty that is in constant search of her forever home.

It is also possible that she has a medical issue. Since they cannot verbally tell you she is not feeling well, they will show you through their clingy behavior. Or your cat is only bored. Yup, it isn't because of a medical condition or trauma. Your cat is just B-O-R-E-D.

Cats are complicated. 

How to handle a clingy cat

Here are the "home remedies" to tackle your cat's velcro ways:

  • Gently pick your cat up and move it away from you when it rubs non-stop against you or disturbs you in the most inopportune moments.
  • It would be hard at first, but you should ignore them when they scratch your door. You must resist!
  • Try to lessen your interaction with them. Remember that not every mew or lick warrants a couple of scritches or treats. 
  • Give her toys, scratch posts, and vertical space so they won't get bored. Better yet, adopt another cat to give them company.

If the solutions above didn't work out, you and your cat must visit the vet to seek medical attention because she might not be feeling well.

What if I still want a cat minus the clinginess?

Who in their right mind will back out from owning an adorable creature? If you are thinking of adopting a kitten but don't want to deal with too much clinginess, we have a perfect alternative for you.

It is none other than Perfect Petzzz, a lifelike pet that can provide the same comfort and companionship as living pets. It offers a real pet ownership experience without the hassles and expenses like vet bills. 

Perfect Petzzz will never annoy you or go velcro on you because it will just sleep peacefully on their plush bed and emit cute little snores. It will be contented with whatever amount of attention and affection you give to them. 

You don’t need to adopt another cat to give them company because you know that a plus one will cost you a lot. Moreover, you can still go on with your everyday life since they will never be demanding or needy. 

Each Perfect Petzzz bundle includes a new plush pet bed, collar with pet tag, pet brush, and adoption certificate. It's available for purchase through our site,  Walmart, and Amazon. For any other inquiries, contact us here.

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