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There is no doubt that 2020 was  a tough year for all of us, especially for kids who are naturally carefree and adventurous at heart. They have to deal with quarantine, boredom, and being stuck at home for a long time. 

As a parent, you have to tap into your creative and resourceful side to keep your kids occupied while working from home. Fortunately, some toys will help them keep busy as you work or perform household chores. 

Here's our list of the 10 hottest toys for kids of any age in 2021 that will lessen their quarantine blues:

Professor Maxwell's VR Junior Chef Virtual Reality Kids

For ages: 8-12 years

It is a cookbook and interactive cooking food science learning activity set that will unleash your child's inner chef or food scientist. It comes with a 64-page book that has 24 yummy recipes of real meals and snacks. Besides encouraging your kids in learning how to cook, this immersive VR/AR learning tool also explains the science behind the food. It breaks down concepts about osmosis, dehydration, yeast, gluten, and more! Always make sure your kids are supervised by an adult when doing this activity.

Baby Yoda Plush Toy

For ages: 3 years and older

Kids are suckers for cute toys, and this Baby Yoda plush toy is a perfect example. It is an 8-inch baby Yoda figure from the Disney Plus series, the Mandalorian. This toy is also referred to as "The Child." Look at its big eyes, large ears, adorable smile, and soft tiny body—what a perfect snuggle buddy. Star Wars fans will also love this plush toy and display it as a collectable. 

Squeakee the Balloon Dog

For ages: 5 years and older

It is an interactive balloon-like toy dog that your kids can play with. It may look like a plain balloon toy at first but wait until it does awesome tricks! You can pet its head, rub its belly, or feed it with its Pump. Pop Squeakee with the pin to hear the balloon dog deflate and inflate it with the Pump. This animatronic toy responds to your voice and gets excited when it hears you!

Pets Alive Fifi the Flossing Sloth

For ages: 5 years and older

Don't mistake Fifi's sleepy eyes and chubby body as a boring and unresponsive toy. Because once you press Fifi's nose, the battery-powered robotic toy becomes the life of the party! Fifi, the Flossing Sloth, will move to the beat of three epic songs. This robotic pet copies one of the most iconic dances of the decade. Your kids will surely be entertained by its funny floss movements, butt wiggles and cute blinking eyes as it dances.

VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam

For ages: 5-10 years

Does your child spend a lot of time on TikTok or Instagram creating content? Then the VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam is the perfect treat for them. It includes a high-definition video camera, tripod, green screen, and selfie stick. The kit also has 20+ animated backgrounds to make each take more interactive and fun. It has features like on-screen editing, creativity tools, trick shots, and time-lapse video. However, videos can only be uploaded to a computer with a parent's or adult's discretion.

Family Campervan

For ages: 5 years and older

Since a trip in the wilderness is impossible for now, how about playing pretend with your child with this Family Campervan? Enjoy fun camping activities like barbecue, fishing, cooking, cycling with this mini playset. The campervan vehicle can seat up to seven figures from Calico Critters. It includes 19 pieces of accessories and furniture such as frying pan, fishing rod, bucket, stove, shower and toilet, sink, bicycle, fishing bucket and more. 

Kid Made Modern Ultimate Craft Kit

For ages: 8 years and older

Let your child create their own craft adventure with the Kid Made Modern Ultimate Craft Kit. This type of activity doesn't only foster their creativity, but at the same time, helps them develop mental, social, and emotional skills. This craft kit includes several fuzzy sticks, clothespins, glue, scissors, felt pieces, wooden beads, google eyes, sewing needles, glitter glue, embroidery thread, craft sticks, sequins, and more. All in all, it has over 1100 pieces in the box.

Osmo - Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop

For ages: 6-8 years

Learning math will be more fun and interesting with the Osmo - Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop. This is a great activity to play after their online class or on the weekend. The exercises are about learning how to add and subtract on a first and second-grade math level. It is self-paced play means there is no pressure in completing each game. After playing this game, your child will learn how to add and subtract mentally and write equations.

Ravensburger Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game

For ages: 10 years and older

Is your kid a fan of Disney Parks or loves everything about Disney? Better grab this toy and let them experience a jungle cruise like no other. It requires patience to finish it though because it is a 45-60 minute playtime. The good thing is it is easy to understand and easy to learn. This adventure board game is best played with two to four people. 

Perfect Petzzz

For ages: 3 years and older

Do you want your kids to grow as responsible and caring individuals in the future? Then it would help if you got them a Perfect Petzzz. It is a lifelike pet that offers a real pet ownership experience without the hassles and expenses like vet bills. This paw-some pet alternative can provide the same comfort and companionship as living pets. Perfect Petzzz is ideal for kids who want a pet dog or cat but aren't ready to be a pet parent yet. Parents don't have to worry about leaving their children with lifelike pets like this all the time since it will never hurt or harm them. This realistic pet is 100% made of synthetic fur, which only means non-stop love and cuddles!

Each Perfect Petzzz bundle includes a new plush pet bed, collar with pet tag, pet brush, and adoption certificate. It is available for purchase through our Amazon site. For any other inquiries, contact us here. 

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