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Placing Your Fur Buddies on the Pedestal During National Dog Month

DOGS—they are known as man's best friends, and they have the cutest charm and incomparable loyalty that can captivate our hearts. If we have special days to celebrate our dear loved ones, our dogs also deserve to be put on the pedestal this National Dog Month. It’s the perfect celebration to spotlight the unique bond between people and dogs.

August, the special month reserved for our fur buddies, is fast approaching. So dive deeper into this article as we talk about some amazing facts about dogs and how you can have a meaningful celebration with them all month long.

A Brief History

Animal lover Colleen Paige, an expert on pet and family lifestyles developed the month-long holiday in 2004. She established this day to honor all dogs, raise awareness of the many dogs living in shelters, and promote adoption for dogs that are still without homes. August 26 is a very special day for Colleen because it was the date she and her family adopted a Sheltie when she was 10 years old.

The pet holiday has expanded since the inaugural commemoration in 2004 and is now observed globally. In addition, it was included in the New York state legislation in 2013 and has since been listed on the New York State Senate webpage.

Paige also uses the day to highlight the numerous contributions of dogs to society. Additionally, the holiday has advocated for all dogs to be allowed to live peaceful, abuse-free lives, promoting dog ownership of all breeds, pure and mixed.

The Importance of Dogs in Society

No matter how little funds you have or possessions you own, having a dog can be incredibly fulfilling. At the end of a tiring day, it’s nice to feel comforted by an excited pup with its happy tail up and wagging. In fact, studies have shown that petting dogs can significantly reduce stress levels and amp happy hormones in students and working adults. This is enough reason that dogs must be nurtured and held in very high regard.

But not all of them get the treatment they deserve—strays, for one, risk their lives every day and become victims of horrible circumstances. 

This holiday was established to honor all dogs and mobilize the public by raising awareness of the sheer volume of dogs that need to be rescued. It is also a way to thank these amazing furry friends that offer themselves everyday to soothe us, keep us secure, and even save lives. 

Some organizations provide service dogs for law enforcement and the disabled, making everyday lives a lot safer and more comfortable for people. Their loyalty to their owner and duty is unparalleled. The best you can do to match this is to repay them with a comfortable life, too.

Dogs occupy special positions in our lives, and to many of us, they are not just pets; they’re family members. It is only fitting that we pay tribute to them in this month-long celebration.

Dog Month Advocacies

The popularity of Dog Month rises every year and is expected to continue. Every year, it receives much media attention, and rescue shelters are given crucial exposure to spread their message. So make sure you spend this day celebrating how amazing dogs are, whether you do it by helping out at a rescue home, donating to a shelter, or providing your furry pet a lot of cuddles.

If you have the means to adopt a pet, visit an animal shelter, give a rescue a second shot at life, and provide it with the happy and nurturing home it deserves. Who knows? Your new furbaby could change your life too!

Needless to say, owning a pet requires a lot of responsibility. If you can’t fully commit to caring for a dog everyday and taking care of maintenance costs, you’re better off donating to your local animal charities or getting a no-maintenance furbaby alternative

How to Celebrate Dog Month

There are numerous ways to observe Dog Month. If your dog enjoys taking long walks, you can think about going on a hike with your dog, allowing your furry buddy plenty of time to go out and enjoy nature.

If you're seeking other fresh and fun activities to do with your pet, here is a compilation of dog-friendly activities you can do in celebration of Dog's Month:

  1. Take a long stroll somewhere new. Most dogs enjoy traveling to new and fascinating locations with their best companion. So bring your dog along if there is a nearby trail, beach, or downtown area you've been planning to see. And if your pet is frightened of strange things or people, make sure it’s a well-known but not crowded route.
  2. Organize a pet playdate. Has your dog made friends with the neighbor’s pet? Host a playdate and celebrate together. Alternatively, take your dog to the park to make lots of new pals.
  3. Bake treats for dogs. There are numerous recipes for popsicles, handmade biscuits, and doggie pastries online. Making anything from scratch for your pet is enjoyable, and they will adore anything you offer them. Additionally, if baking isn't your thing, you can pick up your dog's favorite treat on the way home.
  4. Donate to the animal shelters in your area. Donating to help animals find their own homes is a thoughtful way to show your best buddy how much you care about them. Or, if you're able to, participate in Adopt a Dog Month activities.
  5. Spoil them in all ways, always. Do you need a strong reason to get that dog bed with your pet's name printed? Or perhaps you saw a cute pet bandana but didn't have the money to buy it. Take this month as an opportunity to spend money on those amusing pet gifts.
  6. Say you love them. It is quite straightforward, easy, and crucial. Don't forget to express your gratitude to your most loyal best friend by petting and cuddling them. A random act of love and kindness can make them the happiest pup!

Super Amazing Facts About Dogs!

Let's look at some remarkable dog facts to give you greater knowledge about these lovable animals. 

For instance, did you know that dogs can also catch the sleepy? If you think yawning is only contagious for humans, we have news for you! Find your furbabies in cute, sleepy moments when they spot you yawning!

The Saluki holds the title of being the oldest dog breed. In fact, this breed has been around since 329 BC and had been kept as royal pets in ancient Egypt.

Don’t be fooled by its name—the Australian Shepherd is actually a native of America. 

How about this? Dogs have unique nose creases and patterns that you can equate to human fingerprints. Some dogs could be very similar in so many ways, but it’s a comfort to know that you can ID them using their unique nose prints!

Additionally, several distinctive characteristics are connected to particular dog breeds. 

Shar-Peis and Chow Chows, for example, have black tongues, and 30% of dalmatians are dead in one ear. 

Love and Appreciate Your Dog More! 

Please do your best to support mistreated and unwanted dogs worldwide and recognize the joy and value that dogs can bring to our lives. Dogs help us humans a lot, so here's a chance to thank them in many different ways. 

Do you know a friend or someone close to you who wants to have a pet but is not yet ready to commit because of emotional or maintenance reasons? Perfect Petzzz is here! We offer life-like pets that are both cute and simulate the feeling of owning their own pet. It’s great practice if they plan to have one in the near future, and when they do, remind them that it’s always better to ADOPT, and not SHOP.

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