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Pet care for kids is not only fun, but it can also teach them invaluable lessons in life, like compassion, kindness, and responsibility. Even better, these lessons also apply to lifelike pets, which are surprisingly realistic in that they can look, sound, and feel like living pets.

Bringing a pet in your household is not the same as buying a toy for your child. As a parent or guardian, you must teach the child how to take care of a pet responsibly. And, it all starts with choosing the appropriate pet for them.

How to choose the right pet for kids

The factors you must consider when choosing a pet are the child's age, ability, and maturity. Young kids can't handle a large dog or an old cat yet, so you may want to pair them with a small puppy or a kitten.

Besides the child's age and disposition, you should consider if they have any allergies to living pets. You must also take into account the pet's breed and temperament. Lastly, make sure to ask your child if they are willing to be a pet parent. Don't easily give in with their promise of "I'll take care of him/her."

If you are in doubt, housebreak them with a lifelike pet first to help you decide whether they are ready for the real thing and ready to be a good pet owner.

How to teach children to be a good pet owner

First and foremost, never leave your kid alone with a pet. They still need an adult or parent supervision when they are with their furry companions. Moreover, it is your duty as a guardian to teach them the basics of responsible pet ownership. 

Teach your child to treat their pets gently and with respect. Make them realize and understand that they should not pull its tail, squeeze it hard, or pick it up roughly.

Other than that, parents shouldn’t overwhelm their kids with too much responsibility. Assess first how much they can take. Start with a simple task like giving the pet a bowl of clean water every day. Then guide them while you feed or brush it. Train them to be your assistants rather than giving the child an overwhelming amount of pet chores that they need to perform by themselves.

Kids are kids, they may neglect their pet parent duties at times. Please don't be too hard on them. Instead, encourage them by praising your child or giving them a star every time they accomplish a pet chore. As the years go by, your child will get used to their pet parent responsibilities, and you will not need to reward them for every good deed done.

The reality is you might not be able to watch over your children and their pets at all times. You have other responsibilities, such as doing household chores or going to work, and it might be too much to juggle.  Why not give them lifelike pets to start with? Then assign them a few pet care tasks while you are away like brushing the realistic pet's fur or singing them a lullaby to sleep. Little by little, your child will have an idea of how to be a good pet owner.

Ideal pet care starter pack: Perfect Petzzz

As we've mentioned above, lifelike pets can provide the same comfort and companionship as living pets, particularly for young children. It is a safe and perfect alternative if the child isn't ready to be a pet parent yet.

They can practice pet care on the realistic pet without the worry of harming it. Think of kids’ make-believe games with their dolls or toy soldiers. 

Busy working parents also don't need to walk and feed the pet. Besides, they can leave their children with lifelike pets all the time since it will never hurt their little angels.

One of the best examples of realistic pets is Perfect Petzzz, which offers a real pet ownership experience without the hassles and expenses like vet bills. 

Perfect Petzzz is an ideal pet care starter pack for kids that comes with a pet brush, collar with pet tag, new plush pet bed, and an adoption certificate. This realistic pet is 100% made of synthetic fur, which only means non-stop love and cuddles! Perfect Petzzz is available for purchase through our our Amazon site. For any other inquiries, contact us here.

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