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International Animal Rights Day: 5 Ways to Stop Animal Cruelty and Violence

Since the beginning, humans have been employing animals for various purposes. Unfortunately, while some are treated properly, many are mistreated and abused.

Every year on December 10, animal rights activists celebrate International Animal Rights Day. This day is commemorated worldwide to remember all the helpless animals that have endured at the hands of violent human beings. Animal Rights Day is also dedicated to celebrating the progress made in recent years to improve animal welfare.

In observance of this day, Perfect Petzzz is here to encourage everyone to commit to taking action and creating a brighter future for all animals. So let’s sift through the blog and learn how we can contribute to animal protection.

How Have Animals Been Mistreated Throughout History?

Throughout history, animals have been both revered and mistreated by humans. 

In ancient cultures, animals were often considered sacred entities and greatly respected. However, others engage in practices that would be regarded as cruel by today’s standards.

For instance, animal sacrifices are part of religious ceremonies. Cockfights and bullbaiting have become prevalent entertainment options over the years. Dogs were used in blood sports, notably in bear and badger baiting. In addition, fox hunting also became a big part of elite culture in the middle ages. Sadly, these activities often result in the suffering and death of many living beings.

Even today, animal abuse is still a major concern. Despite being outlawed in many nations, it still occurs in homes, farms, laboratories, zoos, and circuses. Animals are often forced to perform unnatural acts or tricks that cause pain or distress. They are also deprived of food, water, and exercise while being held in crowded and unclean settings.

5 Simple Things We Can Do to Eradicate Animal Cruelty

Heartbreaking statistics from the Humane Society of the United States indicate that more than 1 million animals each year are abused or killed in the country alone.

Worse, many animal abuse incidents go unreported, and offenders frequently escape punishment. But there are steps we can do to help break this vicious cycle. Here’s how you can bring a change:

1) Listen to the Bunny!

Do you remember the #SaveRalph viral video? The campaign was sparked by a video of a rabbit named Ralph who was subjected to tests for a new eyeliner product. Millions of people were shocked by how Ralph and other animals were handled when the video went public.

You can continue to make progress and support efforts to end animal testing. Start by researching the company’s testing policies when you make purchases. Numerous brands have already committed cruelty-free, so you can feel good about supporting them with your hard-earned dollars.

Also, shop for items recognized by firms like PETA or Leaping Bunny. From there, you can indicate that a product has never been put through animal experimentation.

2) Shatter the Silence, End the Animal Violence 

Silence can be golden, but it can also mean you’re complicit. In light of this, do not be reluctant to speak up if you see an animal being abused. Your voice can spare them a lifetime of pain and agony.

Some animal abusers are smart enough to target docile pets and pet owners who seem scared or less likely to report the crime. But by speaking out, you can help expose the abuser and secure the animal’s care. Moreover, this will help send the message that animal maltreatment is intolerable.

If that doesn’t work, you can report the incident to authorities and local animal organizations. Remember, animals are vulnerable and reliant on us for their care, so it is our duty to protect them.

3) Actively Seek Knowledge, Be Aware

Animal cruelty is a severe problem that plunders the lives of innocent animals yet often goes unnoticed. Domestic, farmed, or wild animals are no exception. However, many people are still oblivious or unsure of how to rescue them.

Anyone can prevent maltreatment through education. Learning more about this issue enables us to recognize the substantial problem and look for solutions that will make the world a safe sanctuary for animals. 

Get engaged with any accredited animal welfare organization. Certainly, they have everything from articles and videos on what constitutes animal cruelty to tips on how you can report abuse if you see it happening.

4) Know Better, Do Better

Education and awareness are crucial in the battle against animal cruelty, but they are only two pieces of the puzzle. First, we must tackle the underlying causes of animal cruelty if we hope to be significant. These causes include things like poverty, mental illness, and domestic violence. Facing these issues creates a real impact on the prevalence of animal abuse.

We also need legislation that reflects our values and prioritizes animal welfare. We can deter others from committing these acts by creating stricter penalties for those who engage in animal cruelty. Only then will we be able to make a dent in this pressing issue. 

Sign petitions and convince people with facts and respect to help. With awareness, you can spread more awareness on this important cause.

5) Can’t Commit? Don’t Adopt!

We understand that animals need to be loved, and adoption is a wonderful opportunity to provide them with the home they deserve. But note that deciding to adopt an animal is a big decision! It’s a huge responsibility and not something you shouldn’t ever act impulsively. Furthermore, this is unfair to the animal, who deserves to be in a home where it’ll be properly cared for.

Ask yourself if you’re ready to show affection for an animal. Pets need exercise, proper nutrition, vet care, and love and attention. Animal adoption might not be the best option for you at this time if you’re unsure that you can provide for all of that.

Afraid of Hurting Animals? Perfect Petzzz Got Your Back!

At Perfect Petzzz, we’re staunch advocates of animal rights. We believe that all animals should be handled with respect and decency. We’re committed to making the world more compassionate for all living beings. That’s why, in honor of Animal Rights Day, we wanted to send a message of support to all our animal-loving friends.

Showing kindness to animals when you’re dealing with your own busy life is quite challenging. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide products and services that make it easy for everyone to show their appreciation for animals, even when they’re short on time.

Our lifelike stuffed animals are the perfect example—they’re always ready for cuddles and never need to be taken to the vet! Switch them on and enjoy the purrs, little meows, and wagging tails. You don’t need to fret about hurting or depriving them of social interaction.

Perfect Petzzz’ Reminder: All Animal Lives Matter!

We hope you’ll take a moment to think about how to be an animal lover and appreciate these sentient beings in life. Whether you have a real-life pet or enjoy snuggling up with these cute alternative furry friends—every little bit helps! 

Remember, all animal lives matter! So let these animals embrace the affection and care they deserve. Who knows? Maybe what you do will encourage others to follow your lead. Happy International Animal Rights Day! 

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