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We know why you are here. You want to convince your parents to let you have a pet dog or cat. And you came across this article hoping to learn how to tell them. 

But first, you must learn how to be a good pet owner to prove that you are ready to have a pet. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Read on.

Show them you are responsible

Remember that actions speak louder than words. It is not enough to tell them something like, "I will take care of it; I promise." Instead, show to your parents how responsible you are. 

You may start by doing small household chores that you can do on your own. Volunteer to fold your washed clothes while your mom is getting it from the laundry. 

Make your bed after you get up in the morning. Keep your room organized and clean at all times. Vacuum once a week, and don't leave any of your stuff haphazardly.

Do all your homework before playing online games, browsing social media, or watching TV. Better yet, make sure to ace some tests or get good grades on some of your subjects at school. 

Research which breed of dog or cat you want

Knowledge is power, and in times like this, you must be armed with information about the type of dog or cat you want. First, make sure that it will fit into your family in terms of the lifestyle you have.

Please find out how to take care of it, like the costs of its medication and food. What kind of food do they eat? Does this pet need daily walks or prefers to be on its own? 

Your parents will probably have a few questions for you while you convince them. So you must prep up yourself just like when you are reviewing for a quiz or exam.

Explain the benefits of having a pet

Besides its cuteness, do research the advantages of getting a family pet. Tell them that you are aware that it is a big responsibility. You know that you must feed them and pick up after them. 

Pets are also a source of joy and companionship. They teach you to be compassionate and kind to any individual. If it is a dog, it helps you to become physically fit due to its dynamic nature. If you prefer a cat, it teaches you to have a quiet confidence and the importance of a good nap!

Have a pet fund

Adopting a pet is not cheap. You need to spend on food, treats, veterinary care, pet bed, toys, leashes, etc. Yes, you have to give up a few luxuries or perks to have one. Like not buring the cool t-shirt that you saw on Pinterest or the latest Xbox console.

You can start saving by collecting the money you get on your birthday or Christmas. Setting aside the pocket money your parents give you. Or doing basic online work for your classmates or friends in exchange for a few bucks.

Learn how to take care of a pet

No matter how cute and cuddly a dog or cat is, keep in mind that it is still a living and breathing being. It is like having a new sibling that you must look out for. In short, a pet is not a toy that you can pinch, shake, or squeeze.

Like you, it has feelings or emotions, though sometimes they do not show it because of their intrinsic behavior as animals. Also, they need to eat, drink and bathe. Pets require an annual checkup to the vet to get their shots.

You have to be careful around them and leave them alone, if necessary. They might retaliate when you are too playful with them. It is also your job to clean up the yard or litter box after doing their business. 

Although they can function on their own, they still need constant attention, care, and affection. This way, they won't develop destructive or harmful behavior. They are like humans that can have separation anxiety issues if left alone for a long time.

Adopt a lifelike pet for starters

You know that it may take some time until you hear them say, "yes." Since you are still in the process of convincing your folks, why don’t you try adopting an alternative to family pets such as Perfect Petzzz?

Perfect Petzzz can also provide the same comfort and companionship like a normal living pet. You can practice with them any time because it can't get irritated or bored.

You can show your parents how you will take care of the family pet through lifelike pets. You can do this by brushing its fur or petting it carefully. 

Perfect Petzzz is already bundled up with pet accessories like a new plush pet bed, pet brush, collar with pet tag, and an adoption certificate! Yes, it can also offer the same real pet ownership experience as living pets without the hassles and expenses like vet bills.

All you need to do is to shower them with lots of cuddles and love!
Perfect Petzzz offers different realistic looking breeds of dogs and cats. You can find your petzzz through our Amazon site. For any other inquiries, contact us here.

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