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Choosing the Best and Healthy Dog Treats for Your Fur Baby

There are loads of options for dog treats on the market. But, as a pet parent, how do you know which is best for your fur baby? How can you assure that a dog treat is nutritious and free from harmful ingredients?

In this blog post, we will explore how pet parents like you can pick the best and healthiest treats for your dogs. Plus, get to know how to give them their favorite dog treats!

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Healthy Training Treats For Your Pet

Dogs are loyal and lovable creatures that bring joy to their dog owners' lives. Who doesn’t love these furry creatures? They're always excited to see you, and they make wonderful companions. Of course, one of the best things about having a dog is spoiling them with all sorts of fun treats and watching them excitedly monch on their yummy rewards! 

But with so many options for dog treats nowadays, how do you choose the best ones for your pup? Here are a few key aspects you should consider: 

It Should Have a Low-Calorie Count

Dog treats do provide not only a delicious burst of flavor for your fur baby but also essential nutrients and calories. However, not all treats are created equal. Dogs have a fast metabolism, so they burn calories quickly. As a result, feeding them a high-calorie dog treat can result in weight gain.

So, when selecting a treat for your dog, opt for one that is low in calories and high in healthy ingredients. Several low-calorie options are available, ranging from freeze-dried liver to chicken jerky. As you might already know, dogs love these flavor bursts, and you'll also feel great knowing they only contain nutrients your dog needs.

Free From Artificial Preservatives

Another important factor pet owners must consider when choosing dog treats is whether or not the treat contains artificial preservatives. Artificial preservatives can increase the shelf life of food products. 

While you might find this helpful, your dog may not necessarily benefit from it. Artificial preservatives have been linked to health problems in dogs, including skin irritations and digestive issues, especially in dogs with sensitive stomachs.

The best healthy dog treats are made from natural ingredients and don't have artificial preservatives. Avoid treats that include artificial flavors, such as xylitol, which may cause low blood sugar levels, liver failure, and even death. Artificial sweeteners and salt are also unhealthy for your dog. 

The Type of Dog Treat

As a dog lover, you must also consider the type of treat you want to give to your canine companions. Again, there are various options, from all-natural dog treats such as sweet potatoes or green beans to high-value training treats such as moist or dried meat like beef liver and chicken breast.

As a pet parent, it’s also important for you to know your dog's preferred type of dog treat. For example, some dogs prefer chewy dog treats like chicken jerky treats, while others prefer crunchy treats like dog biscuits or air-dried real meat. 

When you've chosen the kind of treat you want to give, it's important to select one that is of excellent quality and is manufactured with all-natural ingredients.

Appropriate to the Age and Size of Your Dog

Your dog's size, age, and activity level are other important factors to consider when choosing the right and healthy treats. For instance, grapes can cause kidney diseases, while onions and garlic can affect a dog's red blood cells. Chocolate is also poisonous to dogs, as it contains a fatal substance called theobromine. 

Additionally, ensure that the yummy treats you give are the right ones for your dog's age. For example, a puppy has a different nutritional need than an adult dog. Take the time to consider your dog's diet and needs, and you'll be sure to find a healthy and palatable treat for them.

Should You Choose Store Bought Treats or Make Homemade Dog Treats?

When it comes to reward-feeding your dog, you might wonder whether buying commercial treats or making homemade dog treats is better.

Commercial dog food and treats are often more convenient, and you can find various options in the market. However, the problem with store-bought treats or dog food is that the ingredients are processed, which lessens their nutritional value. 

To ensure you're buying the healthiest dog treats, check the ingredients to see if they're made with artificial flavors or pure and fresh ingredients like real meat and vegetables. 

On the other hand, you can tailor homemade dog treats exactly to your dog's preferences. You can also have complete control over the ingredients and ensure they are all safe and nutritious for your dog. A downside to a homemade dog treat is that you must be careful of the food items you add, as some safe for human consumption ingredients can be the opposite to your dog. 

Tips on Giving Healthy Treats and Dog Food

It's important for dog owners to give their furry companions the best possible care. That includes providing them with the best and healthiest dog treats. Just like humans, dogs need a balanced diet with all essential nutrients. 

Dogs love being fed with those crunchy treats. However, there should always be a balance between spoiling and rewarding them. Otherwise, overfeeding them may cause serious health problems later on. 

Here are some reminders when giving the best dog treats for your furry friend:

Reinforce Good Behavior Using Dog Treats

Dogs are smart and can be trained to do all sorts of impressive and fun tricks. However, basic obedience is the foundation of a well-behaved dog. And as a dog owner, you can start by reinforcing good behavior. 

One way to achieve this is by making dog treats as their reward. For instance, you can treat your dog each time it listens to your commands, such as sitting or lying down. This will make it easier for your precious fur baby to understand that you reward their good behavior. 

Dogs love food, so they will be highly motivated to keep up the good work to get more treats. Plus, it's a great way to bond with your furry friend. So when your dog does something right, reach for the best yummy treats you can give and pat them on the head.

Try Giving Your Dog Fruits and Vegetables

Ran out of chicken jerky treats or looking for a healthy, alternative dog treat? Whatever your reason, you can try giving your pet some fruits and vegetables as a healthy dog treat!

Got carrots in your fridge? They're low in calories and make a perfectly healthy dog treat! Slice up a carrot into thin strips and offer it to your furry friend as a crunchy snack.

Green beans are also a nutritious vegetable that dogs love. They have low-calorie content and are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can give them to your pet whole or cut them into smaller pieces paired with small chunks of boiled sweet potatoes.

Avoid Giving Them Table Scraps

It can be tempting sometimes to give your furry friend a taste of what you're eating. However, avoid giving your pet table scraps as a dog treat. While some people think this is a healthy way to show their love, table scraps can cause serious health problems for dogs. 

Many foods that are safe for humans can be toxic to dogs, and even small amounts can lead to weight gain, gastrointestinal issues, and other problems. Feeding them table crumbs can also encourage undesirable behaviors like begging at the table or taking food from your plate. 

Beware of Human Foods That May Be Toxic To Your Pet

Did you know that some foods you enjoy daily can be toxic to your pets? While it's always important to feed your pet a balanced diet, there are some human foods you should avoid altogether. 

For instance, grapes can cause kidney diseases, while onions and garlic can affect a dog's red blood cells. Chocolate is also poisonous to dogs, as it contains a substance called theobromine, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even death. 

The Cost of Giving Unhealthy Dog Treats To Your Pet

Pet parents want to give their fur babies the best of everything, especially when it comes to dog treats. However, dog owners sometimes unknowingly give them unhealthy treats that could result in a lot of money in vet bills down the road. 

So before you reach for that next treat, make sure you know what's in it and how it could affect your dog's health. Otherwise, you may end up paying more than you bargained for.

Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy

Owning a pet requires heavy responsibilities. As a pet parent, spoiling them with the best dog treats and unique pet products comes naturally. But beyond that, you must ensure you're willing to keep them healthy.

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