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Would you give up your precious pet dog or cat for the sake of your health? No doubt your answer will be a resounding "NO" as you hear your heart breaking into tiny pieces. If only there were a solution that could permanently make your allergies disappear. Luckily, there is a realistic and huggable alternative that also offers the experience of real pet ownership. But first, let us find out why pet allergies exist and if the current remedies can really work.

What causes pet allergies?

Contrary to the unpopular belief, it is not pet hair or fur. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), the cause of pet allergies is proteins in the urine and saliva and dander (dead skin cells), which furry and feathered pets produce. Those who have pet allergies constitute an over-sensitive immune system, and what makes these pet allergies worse is its strength may remain at a high level for several months. 

The allergens usually cling on furniture, wall, clothing, and other surfaces. Pet dander also tends to become airborne when doing household activities like dusting and vacuuming. In short, you have no escape from it because it's practically everywhere, even when you're outside.

What are the pet allergy remedies?

Experts unanimously agree that the best solution to decrease or eliminate allergens is never to have a pet in the first place. But we are only human, and we can unanimously agree that having a pet brings joy and warmth into our lives. Hence, here are some remedies that may keep symptoms away:

Allergy medications 

American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI) recommends several treatments based on the symptom. For instance, antihistamine eye drops can be used for eye symptoms; or steroid nasal sprays, oral antihistamines or other oral medications are for nasal symptoms.

Finding a new home

This one might be the unfortunate (for pet lovers) yet science-backed solution for pet allergies. AAFA and ACAAI highly recommend it, but the majority detests this advice. Dr. Andy Nish, M.D. of Allergy and Asthma Care Center, says in an interview with Health.com that he estimated about 75% of his patients to whom he makes this recommendation ignore his advice.

Pet and house management

You can start by limiting contact between the pet and the allergic person. Keep your furry companions outdoors by providing them a tiny shelter or prevent them from entering bedrooms. In addition, you may use air cleaners with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to sift pet's dander from the air. You can also switch your carpet with wood or tile floors since carpets trap dander easily.

If you're still refusing the idea of living without furry companions, you're in luck because there's a realistic and huggable alternative minus the pet allergies. It is none other than Perfect Petzzz, a lifelike pet that can also offer you real pet ownership. 

Why is Perfect Petzzz the best alternative to family pets?

Perfect Petzzz is made from 100% synthetic fur, which means one thing: say goodbye to pet allergies!

Like living pets, you can also experience the same level of love and companionship with lifelike pets. It has a mechanism inside that makes it look like it is breathing with matching soft snoring sounds. Its outer appearance could be mistaken for the real thing, and its fur is so smooth that you want to pet it non-stop. 

Non-stop love and cuddles? Yes, it is possible with Perfect Petzzz without worrying about pet allergies and other health implications. No sneezing, coughing, itching eyes, or shortness of breath. Just pure and unconditional love with your beloved Perfect Petzzz that you can bring with you any time anywhere. 

It is perfect for all ages, especially for children and seniors who need round-the-clock company when they're sad, lonely, or bored. It also has been tested that lifelike pet companions can help patients with Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Alternative pets like these can improve a person's mood and lessen their anxiety.

On the other hand, kids who aren't ready to take care of living pets can find solace and comfort with Perfect Petzzz. Little ones can play with it or brush its downy hair using a pet brush. Busy working parents or guardians can leave the lifelike pets with their children without a worry as it would not pose any danger or harm to them.

These are the benefits of having Perfect Petzzz besides the fact that it is ideal for persons with pet allergies. It is an ultimate pet companion without the hassles, expenses, and allergens. Each Perfect Petzzz bundle includes a new plush pet bed, collar with pet tag, pet brush, adoption certificate, and the Perfect Petzzz made from 100% synthetic fur that will be your new best friend! It's available for purchase through our Amazon site. For any other inquiries, contact us here.

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