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9 Tips for a Fun and Meaningful National Take Your Dog to Work Day

Did you know that June 24 is National Take Your Dog to Work Day? It's a day when pet owners around the country can bring their furry friends to the office and celebrate all things doggo! 

Make the day special by checking out some of these brilliant ideas. Whether you are part of the company management planning the celebration or an employee and a dog owner, you can show your pup some love in many great ways. Here are nine tips to make it fun and meaningful for the dogs and the people alike. 

  1. Learn and share the tradition’s history.

The Pet Sitters Society was the first to celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day in 1999. The goal was to urge Americans to adopt dogs as more and more of them find their way to shelters. What started with hundreds of participants has grown to millions today. 

  1. Know the benefits of Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Celebrating National Take Your Dog to Work Day creates a culture of caring. It motivates pet-owning employees to work, knowing the company shares their love for their pet companions. 

Non-pet owners will benefit too. They'll see the joy of having pets firsthand, which can help them decide if they want to have pets too.

  1. Prepare the office and your employees for the event.

Start by getting the office’s consensus to celebrate National Take Your Dog to Work Day, and inform those who are game how they can participate. 

Dog-proof the office by keeping away all supplies, plants, and wires that aren't safe for dogs. Also, don’t forget to have a backup plan for employees who may be allergic to dog fur or have a fear of dogs.

  1. Make the program fun and productive. 

When June 24 finally arrives, make sure the event is fun for you and the fur visitors. Nothing beats preparing sumptuous meals for everyone; foods for humans and treats for dogs are all welcome. 

You can also hold fun competitions for dogs and owners—for example, you can award the Best Dressed, Best in Talent, or Most Behaved. These moments are excellent for dogs to bond and for employees to witness the fascinating ways dogs communicate.

  1. Ensure to attend to the dogs.

Make sure the dogs are well-attended throughout the day. For example, you can create a buddy system where a buddy will look after a coworker’s dog when one needs to do something. Setting up a pet pen is also a good idea; this will give the dogs space to eat, chill, and play as their humans work.

  1. Get ready to bring your dog to work.

Taking your dog to work is always exciting, whether it is your first time or you have done it a couple of times. Here are some things you can do to get them ready.

  • Groom your dog on the day of their visit. 
  • Have fun dressing up your dog if there is a dress-up competition. 
  • Do not forget to bring their favorite toys and treats to keep them well-behaved. 
  • Take their hygiene kits to avoid any mess at work.
  1. Hold a virtual celebration if you work from home.

You can still celebrate National Take Your Dog to Work Day virtually if you have a work-from-home setup. Send goodies and a feast to your employees and their paw friends, and set an online program for the celebration. You can also invite dog trainers, dog rescue practitioners, or renowned dog experts to be program speakers. 

Of course, don’t forget to have an online pet meet and greet.

  1. Help dog shelters.

Extend the love and joy in the office by assisting dog shelters. Your company can contribute money to buy dog supplies the shelter needs; you can also encourage dog owners to donate secondhand or brand new things. 

Volunteering to work at dog shelters for a day is another option. It’s an act that speaks louder than words and a meaningful way to hold company outreach and team building. 

  1. Adopt a dog.

Fulfill the goal of National Take Your Dog to Work Day: encourage people to adopt dogs by sheltering new dogs yourself. 

Every year, 3.1 million dogs enter shelters in America and need new homes. One day of celebration in the office may bring joy to you and your coworkers’ dogs, but nothing beats giving life and hope to dogs who’ve lost their homes and don’t have companions to look after them. 

Take Perfect Petzzz Dogs to Work

National Take Your Dog to Work Day is a time-honored tradition that can benefit both employees and their dogs. By preparing your office, making an enjoyable program, and attending to all the dogs present, you can create a memorable experience for everyone involved. And if you can’t celebrate in person, don’t forget that a virtual celebration is possible. Finally, consider using this special day as an opportunity to inspire action by helping dog shelters or adopting a dog.

If you are an office worker who has never been ready for the responsibility of having dogs, do not worry. You can still celebrate National Take Your Dog to Work Day with the Perfect Petzzz lifelike pets. 

The dogs give you a realistic pet ownership experience without making you worry about keeping them behaved or cleaning up their mess. You can just have them on your lap and pet them as they snore. They can be your paw friend in the celebration until you are ready to adopt a real dog. If you think Perfect Petzzz is the best option for you, feel free to browse our collection of handcrafted cats and dogs. They are also a great companion for the National Take Your Dog to Work Day.

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