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7 Tips to Keep Your Fur Baby Healthy on National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Do you spoil your beloved pets? While it feels good to spoil your fur babies with kibbles and treats, you need to take note of how much you are feeding them. “Everything’s good in moderation,” is what they usually say. Unfortunately, going overboard with treats can lead to pet obesity, which has already become widespread.

Pet obesity has turned into such a serious problem that we have a day dedicated to letting people know about it. For this year’s National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, learn how to keep your fur babies fit and healthy. Be a responsible fur parent by keeping their diet balanced and lifestyle active.

So what else can you do to make sure your fur babies are in tip-top shape? Scroll down and check out these seven tips on keeping your dearest pets healthy!

Is Pet Obesity a Serious Problem?

Experts agree that pet obesity has already become an epidemic. Many dogs and cats checked in at hospitals can be considered overweight. This means that these pets have gone beyond at least 10 to 20 percent of their ideal weight. As a result, they are not only weighed down by their excess pounds but also become more prone to serious health conditions.

For instance, pets that are found to be obese have higher chances of developing severe illnesses such as endocrinopathies, heart-related diseases, and a weaker immune system. You can spare your dearest pet from such unfortunate health conditions by controlling their weight and keeping them fit. You will learn how to do exactly that in the next section.

How Can I Keep My Fur Baby in Tip-Top Shape?

Did you know that over half of dogs in the United States are estimated to be overweight? In fact, many pet owners may not even be aware that their furry companions are obese. No wonder advocates of having pets pushed for the observance of National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. So do your furry companion a favor and help them steer clear of illnesses that may stem from having too much weight.

Here are some things that you can do for your fur baby’s well-being:

Vet Knows Best

No matter how much you read on the Internet, veterinarians will always be the most knowledgeable about your dearest furry companion. They are specifically trained to treat all sorts of animal illnesses, and their clinics have all the animal medicine and equipment they would ever need. So regularly have your pet checked by a vet at your nearest vet clinic. 

Feed Them Right

Pet obesity is mostly caused by overly enthusiastic pet owners feeding their beloved pets too much. So if you want to keep your pet’s weight under control, watch how much and what kind of food you feed them. Use a weighing scale or measuring cup to portion their kibbles properly. Most importantly, check with your vet to nail down the perfect meal plan.

Keep Them Moving

A doctor might have already told you that exercise is essential for keeping yourself fit and healthy. Likewise, your timid cat or hyperactive dog needs physical activities like strolling around the neighborhood, hiking along a trail, or playing fetch at the park. The more you keep them moving, the more calories they burn.

Resist the Temptation

Once you have come up with a meal plan with your vet, you must stick with it. You may find it difficult to resist the temptation once you look into those pleading eyes. Practice self-restraint, and don’t give in. Your efforts to implement a meal plan, portion their food, and walk your pet every morning will all go down the drain if you give in.

Cats Need More Than Kibble

Many cat owners wrongly believe that keeping a cat is like a walk in the park. They think having a kibble bag is enough to keep their cats fed. While their cats may eat the kibble, too much kibble and a heavy reliance on it may do more harm than good. For instance, solely feeding them kibbles may make them prone to developing a urinary tract infection or UTI.

Buy a Pet Weighing Scale

Do you have a bathroom scale at home? If you want to monitor your weight, you must have one. Similarly, a weighing scale for your dog or cat is essential to keep track of their progress. If you want them to shed some pounds or keep a close watch on their weight, a pet weighing scale will give you a precise measurement to know whether or not your pet is in good shape.

Consider Pet Supplements

Some dog and cat breeds tend to develop obesity sooner than other breeds. That’s why they may need more help to fight off obesity. You can have a chat with your veterinarian to see which kinds of supplements can help your beloved pet lose more weight or increase its metabolism. One example of a pet dietary supplement is Hydroxycitric Acid, or HCA, which can reduce the feeling of hunger.

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