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Are you spending a holiday at home? It would be the ideal setup nowadays due to the coronavirus pandemic threat, especially now that new strains or variants are roaming around. According to reports, this new COVID-19 strain is maybe 30-40% more contagious. But did you know that occasional holiday items can present potential hazards for your pet? 

It might seem ironic since holidays are so full of love. However, gifts of flowers and chocolate, plus the other props used on special occasions, are not pet-friendly. Here are some tips on how to keep celebrations safe at home for the sake of your beloved pets:

Flowers and Plants

One of the more common gifts during the holidays is flowers. But another type of flora is added to the list. It is none other than plants. Yes, plants. "Plant love" or "plant craze" started because of the pandemic. Due to the stay-at-home ordinances, houseplants have become the latest COVID-19 hobby.

However, no matter how lovely flowers and plants are, some varieties are harmful or poisonous to pets, according to North Shore Animal League America. Pet cats and dogs are like curious five-year-olds that will take an interest in innocent-looking flowers and plants. If they accidentally ingested it, they could suffer from poisoning or gastrointestinal upset. 

For example, Stargazer, Asiatic, and Tiger Lilies can cause acute kidney failure in cats. Hemerocallis or Lilium species can be toxic to dogs, causing heart arrhythmias when eaten. Roses can pose a danger as their sharp thorns can injure your pet's paws and mouth.


GourmetGiftBaskets.com revealed that chocolate and candy sales reached $1 billion in profits last year! That's how obsessed we are with this sweet confection during the holidays. But its sweetness isn't too good for your pet's health.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says that all chocolate types can be life-threatening when eaten by pets. It contains Methylxanthines, a caffeine-like stimulant. Your pet may suffer symptoms like hyperactivity, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and increased heart rate. 

Chocolates have high-fat content as well, which could lead to inflammation of the pancreas in your pets. Moreover, chocolates can have xylitol, a sugar-free sweetener that can cause acute liver failure and life-threatening low blood sugar levels.

Cocktails and Other Alcoholic Beverages

You can't celebrate without the clinking of wine glasses. But pets and alcohol don't get along. 

Your curious pup or kitten might lap half a glass of wine or the spilled champagne on your table. When this happens, it can cause problems like lack of coordination, diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, metabolic disturbances, and worst, coma.

As much as possible, don't leave any liquor scattered after your friends or family go, and make sure that you put the unfinished glasses in the dishwasher.


Candlelit dinner instantly sets the romantic mood during your favorite holidays like Valentine's Day. If left unattended, it could pose a danger not just to your pets but also to your entire household.

Just like a moth to a flame, your nosy pets may get near a candle and inspect it closely. By doing this, they might burn themselves or burn the whole house by knocking it over.

It would be much better to use electric candles or battery-powered flameless candles as an alternative and still achieve the same candlelit glow results.

Gift Wrapping

After unwrapping presents, collect and chuck away the ribbons, bows, tape, cellophane, wrapping paper, and strings. 

Cats love strings and ribbons. Your pet pup might be curious too. If they swallow these things, the ribbons could get tangled in their intestines or throat, causing them to vomit or choke. 

A Hassle-free Date With Alternative Pets

Did you know that there are pets that will never dampen your holiday plans? They are called Perfect Petzzz, life-like pets that almost feel and behave like real ones. This alternative pet won't get in the way of your romantic dinner date celebrations. 

They won't dare sniff your beautiful succulents or take a lap of spilled wine. You will not feel tempted to indulge them in eating chocolate with you.

Perfect Petzzz behave so well that they will just lay on their soft bed all day. Despite this peaceful behavior, life-like pets offer the same real pet ownership experience as living pets without the hassles and expenses like vet bills. 

Each Perfect Petzzz bundle includes a new plush pet bed, collar with pet tag, pet brush, and adoption certificate. It is available for purchase through our Amazon site. For any other inquiries, contact us here. 

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