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According to Statista, dogs are the most popular pet worldwide, with over 470 million kept as pets. Pups are the most affectionate, protective, and loyal domesticated animals. They are great for companionship and help decrease your stress levels. Dogs can also keep you active and healthy. Thus, they allow you to have a longer and happier life. 

No wonder pups came out on top, and many new pet owners instantly have a serious case of "love at first sight" with this adorable bundle of fur. However, as a first-time dog owner, you are most likely to make the following common mistakes:

Mistake no. 1: Indoor potty training at a young age

Potty training is a must among puppies and adult dogs. But what would be your mistake is initially potty training them inside your house and later expecting them to adjust to doing their business outdoors. 

Nope. It doesn't work that way.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, you must establish a routine where you constantly take your furbaby outside for their bathroom breaks. Especially after waking up, after eating or drinking, or during and after playing. Choose a permanent bathroom spot in your yard where they will do their business.

Mistake no. 2: Letting them sleep in your bed

Puppy cries or whimpers are heartbreaking to hear, and you will experience this during the first few nights. But no matter what happens, don't ever give in and let them sleep beside you.

Just like potty training, you should train them to sleep on their own using their bed. Because once you cave into your puppy's demands, they will get used to this kind of setup until they grow up.

Mistake no. 3: Going out with your puppy

One of the responsibilities of pet parents is taking your dog for a walk in the park or the neighbourhood. However, you may do this after your puppy is finished with their immunizations or vaccinations.

Remember that puppies' immune systems are not yet fully developed. Hence, they're vulnerable to some of the most dangerous dog diseases and infections. 

Mistake no. 4: Over-vaccinating your puppy

Speaking of vaccines, you must not go over the top when it comes to your puppy's immunizations. But why do some vets advise that your puppy must be vaccinated every two weeks? Dogs Naturally Magazine reveals the reason behind this:

"Your vet is trying to vaccinate when the maternal antibodies are gone … but your puppy isn't yet at risk from viruses in his environment. So they jab your puppy every two weeks, hoping to catch that window. And that means your puppy gets far too many vaccinations!"

For this reason, it is much safer to give puppies only one shot for distemper, adenovirus, and parvo between the ages of 12 and 16 weeks. 

Mistake no. 5: Using toxic chemicals for cleaning 

Before you have a pup, you've been using these toxic cleaning chemicals in your house and yard. But now that you have a doggie running inside and around your home, you should think twice of using hazardous cleaning agents.

A study by the Environmental Working Group found out that dogs and cats are contaminated with high levels of synthetic industrial chemicals in their bodies. Where do they get it?

Let's start inside your house, where you scrub your floors with toxic cleaning chemicals. The same floor that your puppy lays down. After mopping the floor, you will spray the room with a disinfectant or deodorizer containing harmful chemicals. Then you will go outside your yard to fertilize your lawn using a lawn chemical solution. This is the same lawn or yard where your puppy does their potty training or play when they are bored.

Chemicals contain carcinogens that may harm your fur baby's health. Instead, it would help if you use natural, chemical-free and organic cleaners.

The alternative solution for first-time pet owners

Do you want a pet, but you are not ready with the responsibilities that come with it? Or are you in the process of puppy-proofing your home, but you already want a furry companion? Don't fret because we have an alternative solution for you.

It is none other than Perfect Petzzz, a lifelike pet that offers a real pet ownership experience without the hassles and expenses like vet bills. Yup, you've read that right—no vet bills. So you don't have to worry about your puppy being over-vaccinated.

You don't have to potty-train it because Perfect Petzzz only sleeps peacefully on their fluffy bed while it emits cute little snores. It has very soft fur that you can touch or pet all the time. 

Lifelike pets such as Perfect Petzzz can also offer the same comfort and companionship as family pets. So you can buy enough time as you make adjustments to your home to accommodate a family pet.

In closing

Being a pet parent is not all about providing them with food twice a day and playing with them when you have time. It is more like having a child that you need to take care of. Don't adopt until you are 100% ready, or you will end up returning them to the shelter where they came from. It would be unfair to the trusting puppy that you swear to love unconditionally.

Each Perfect Petzzz bundle includes a new plush pet bed, collar with pet tag, pet brush, adoption certificate, and the Perfect Petzzz made from 100% synthetic fur that will be your new best friend! It's available for purchase through our Amazon site. For any other inquiries, contact us here. 

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