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4 Ways to Celebrate Your Feline Friends on Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

Do you have a furry glob of joy that makes you feel happy and extra loved? Cats deserve more recognition than they get, and what better way to celebrate them than by dedicating an entire day to giving their love back?

Mew Year for Cats is a magical day just for felines that occurs every January 2nd—their version of hooman's New Year's Day. So whether you're the proud owner of kittens or simply a cat lover at heart, this special occasion is where you can treat your fur babies with lots of extra love! 

In this article, we'll share four fun ways you can do just that! But before anything, here’s a list of why we should celebrate this meow-tastic holiday!

4 Reasons to Celebrate Mew Year

Celebrating your cat on this special day is a purr-fect way to kick the year off! This holiday is also a great reminder to make time for your pets as often as you can. Here are more reasons why you should make an effort to celebrate your beloved furry friend on this day:

Prepare for Mew Opportunities

The promise of a new season brings everyone joy but let's not forget who else gets excited—your cat friends! They love the mewness that comes with the season and all the opportunities it offers. 

Keep in mind that even though a cat prefers alone time, they also cherish time spent with their beloved human family members. It's another season filled with happy purrs, warm cuddles, and cat treats!

They Deserve Their Own Holiday

If your cats are a part of the fur-mily, they deserve to be celebrated every January 2nd! This special day is marked with games, treats, and fun activities for your furry cats! Even though cats may appear distant and uninterested most of the time, they deserve all the love and care on this special day.

To Spread Awareness of Cat Adoption

On this special day for cats, it can be so much fun to spoil your furry pals with an extra treat and snuggle time, but it's also important to recognize that there are a lot of cats out there without their own humans to show them love. That's why this day is also the purrfect opportunity to spread awareness about the joys of adoption! 

Even if you don't have the space or resources to adopt yourself, you can still help cats in need by donating or volunteering at your local animal shelter. Ultimately, you can contribute to making cats feel happy, loved, and cared for this year.

Pet Parents’ Chance to Make Mew Year’s Resolutions

Make sure your cat gets the best out of 2023, too! Mew Year for Cats is a great excuse to make resolutions to pamper your furry felines and provide them with all the pet care they need. Of course, you can also make them happy by treating them with all the snuggles they could ever want. 

The Happy Mew Year celebration can bring about great changes for cats and their owners alike. By setting achievable goals, you could be well on your way to doing some wonderful things for yourself and your precious kitty! 

4 Ways to Observe Happy Mew Year’s Day With Your Cat

There are endless ways to celebrate a Happy Mew Year—from setting up themed decorations around their living space to crafting delicious and healthy cat food and treats. If you're still looking for Mew Year celebration ideas, here are some fun and meaningful ways to celebrate with your feline buddies!

Spoil Your Cat With Their Favorite Treats

Nothing makes cats happier than getting a tasty treat, especially when they aren't expecting it! Your furry friends will be happy with the special treats you'll offer and might even purr appreciatively or rub up against your legs to show their gratitude. 

Celebrate your kitty's favorite day with a slew of cat-approved snacks this Happy Mew Year. After all, what's a holiday without indulging? Get new treats they'll treasure, or cook something special—it will mean a lot! 

Send Love to Your Cats With a Paw Massage

Show your cats that you appreciate all the joy they bring you by setting aside some time for pampering and relaxation! Find time to make them feel special this Mew Year's Day. Whether it's a gentle paw massage, a long brushing session, or a few extra catnip sprinkles, your furry friend will cherish being pampered. 

Make a Special Mew Year Cake

Celebrate the Mew Year in style by making your cats a delicious and special cake! You don't have to be an expert baker to make them a one-of-a-kind cake perfect for a party. 

A simple box of their favorite flavor of canned food, some canned frosting or yogurt, and maybe even a few of their favorite crunchy treats can go a long way. Get creative with decorating, and you can create something unique and pawsome to show your furry friends how much they mean to you! 

Throw a Purr-ty

Ring in the Mew Year with a purr-ty your cats will appreciate! Whether they're adventurous or prefer a cozy evening, there's something for every paw-t of felines. You can start by setting up a themed table. Include bowls of tuna fish and wet food to recreate your cat's favorite hot spot. Then add plates with treats like kitty crackers just for fun! 

To set the mood, find some catnip to give. They don't need to wait until midnight either—anytime you want is a good time to throw your cats the most meow-velous celebration!

Pet Parents Mew Year Resolutions

With the Mew Year comes the opportunity to make positive changes. For pet parents, this can be a great time to make resolutions that will benefit you and your feline family members too! 

Here are some ways you can improve your relationship with your furry friends this 2023:

Review Their Diet

Do you feed your cats veggies instead of a protein-based diet? This could be the best time to give your furry friends the gift of care by updating their diet. Cats are obligate carnivores, so they cannot live solely off a vegan or vegetarian diet despite popular beliefs and trends. 

To ensure your cats stay healthy and happy, they should have enough protein sourced from high-quality animal meats like chicken and tuna. If you find that their diets need to be updated with more vegetables, make the change slow and steady. Quick diet transitions can cause digestive issues. As always, it is best to consult a veterinarian for professional advice.

Visit the Vet Clinic Regularly

The Mew Year is exciting for you and your feline friends, but why not consider how to make it healthier for them? If a healthy and happy life is on the agenda, then regular vet visits are an excellent resolution. 

It should be a non-negotiable that cats receive essential vaccinations and check-ups. Regular vet visits also allow you to ask valuable questions about their current diet or any health concerns they may have. 

Start an Emergency Pet Fund

As the special occasion for cats approaches, and we prepare to bid farewell to the year that was, pet owners need to remember that one special resolution for their four-legged friends: set up an emergency fund.

A few dollars each month can help you in a pinch if any problem, like trips to the vet, comes up unanticipated. Especially in uncertain times, cats need their hoomans to look out for them, and providing a safety net in emergency financial needs is one way to do so. 

Additionally, as an extra layer of security, an emergency pet fund also gives priceless peace of mind so you can focus on the fun parts of caring for your feline friends!

Celebrate Mew Year with Lifelike Kittens

If caring for a cat at home seems like an overwhelming task for you, Perfect Petzzz is an excellent alternative! Instead of having a real pet, you can get the comfort of lifelike kittens that look and feel just like real cats. You can give them your undivided attention without a problem with their basic needs. 

Best of all? They don't require the commitment and responsibilities such as dieting or seeking regular vet care services, but you still get to experience all the cuddles and purrs! So adopt a lifelike pet today and spend quality time cuddling them up on Mew Year's Day!  

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