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10-Point Checklist to Complete Before You Own a Pet

This year, you’ve finally made up your mind—you're getting a pet. It’s different this time because you feel the conviction warming you up inside. And this is a huge deal for you, considering in the previous years, your desire to own a pet ends where the tip of the animal's nose begins. Now, you've moved past exchanging warm smiles with a pet as you stroke their fur. Now you want a whole fur baby for yourself and the responsibility that comes with it.

Pet ownership is one of the most fulfilling things that can happen to you as a person. The feeling of having that silent but playful companion hanging out and sharing comfortable silence is one of the best feelings in the world. But pets offer a lot more benefits than just companionship. So, if you're in the process of deciding, we're here to strengthen your resolve with some quick pre-ownership tips to ensure you're ready to provide the care and love it needs.

A Checklist to Prepare You for Pet Ownership

Seeing people with their pets is a pleasant experience. They make taking care of their pet look easy. But behind the fun companionship, these pet owners have the responsibility akin to parenthood.

Love is the main influencing factor to this. Owners will take care of their pets even when it's tough, driving them to take every step to ensure the happiness of their pets.

If you are ready to express care and love to animals, then you're ready. But if you want to make it easy or at least make it look like it is, here are some tips to take to heart in preparation for pet ownership. 

  • Do your research

Search the web, read books, and join online forums for pet ownership. Learn more about what kind of animal you want. If it's a dog or a cat, know the different breeds of these animals, where they originated, and what their dominant behaviors are. This will help you resolve what pet suits your personality.

Another interesting subject you’ll want to dive into is the environment. You want to make sure the pet you want to get can thrive and be comfortable where you live so it can live a happy life and reproduce.

Of course, you’ll also need to know how to decipher certain pet behaviors; this is one way to communicate with them and make sure they stay healthy and happy.

  • Prepare yourself for responsibility

Go deeper into your research and find out more about your set of responsibilities. For starters, it's your sole responsibility that the pet lives. From there, several more duties and responsibilities.

The best way to become psychologically prepared for the responsibilities of pet parenthood is to talk to someone who already owns a pet. Forums are a great way to solicit pet owner experiences, tips, and advice. So give it a shot and wait for the eager pet owners to share their wisdom.

  • Talk to your partner or family members

As an aspiring pet owner, your responsibility extends outside the owner-pet relationship. You have to consider others, too. Talk to your partner or family about your desire to get a pet. Be prepared for objections. Most importantly, don't see the objection as absolute. Engage them and have a pleasant conversation so you can find out what their reservations are and try to find a compromise.

  • Adopt

Pets procreate. There are owners who allow their pets to produce a new generation of cute fur babies ready for love and care. So if you're in deep with the forum of passionate pet owners as advised, you’ll most find puppies or kittens waiting for a new owner. Two good things happen when you adopt instead of shop: (1) you get to give the little furry a warm, loving home, and (2) you relieve the previous owner of the financial and emotional burden of raising another pet. 

Another source to consider is the pound. You can find plenty of animals who are also worthy of love in this place. Sadly, not all pounds can provide enough resources to ensure a healthy living environment. Adopting them may not take so much from you, but it would certainly mean the world to them.

  • Dedicate a space

Treat getting a new pet as if you're inviting an important guest into your house for the first time. You want your guests to feel at home and to have a safe space where they can hang out, by themselves or with you and your family. If they're going to sleep over, you want to make sure they have a secure little nook where they can rest. So prepare your house to accept this guest so they can ease into being part of the family as soon as possible.

  • Pet-proof your home

Providing a safe space for your pet involves removing any danger inside your house that may pose a safety threat. Block an hour or two off the weekend and take care of the following.  

  1. Keep dangerous substances out. A quick way to classify a dangerous substance is to check the warning label. If there’s none, you can also ask yourself whether your child will be unhappy if you feed them the substance. If yes, keep these substances out of sight and reach.    
  2. Rearrange furniture. Your pet will have the zoomies, and you’ll want to give them a wide and safe space to run to and fro without injuring themselves. 
  3. Always keep the gates closed. It can be difficult to chase an animal around the block, and you may not even notice they’re gone. Keep them indoors and make sure they only go out with your supervision, so your pet doesn't get lost.
  • Find a reliable vet

The only other person that should have a closer relationship with your pet is a veterinarian. Choosing an excellent one is very important. Vets should have a deep knowledge of your pet's history and keep a record of the past illnesses your pet has had, what treatments and vaccines they’ve received, as well as the medicines or supplements they’ve taken. Vets keep them healthy and alive. So, choose a reliable one that you can trust. 

  • Learn to train them

Having a harmonious relationship with your pet involves proper behavior. This applies to dogs more than cats. Dogs can be very playful animals. This behavior is enjoyable, but there are times when they need to behave. For example, they need to know there's a proper place to go number 1 and 2. Training corrects this behavior. You also have to ponder on going DIY or if you’ll seek help from a pet trainer. Certain dog breeds are easy to train, especially with simple commands. Take a mental note of this before getting your first-ever pet.

  • Prepare supplies and toys

Your pet has unique needs, too. And for every pet need, there should be a steady flow of supply. Take food, for example—pets need to have their own food, which should contain their required daily sustenance. Other supplies include vitamins, bath and grooming essentials, and toys.

Before you buy supplies, consider things like food allergies, nutrition, and overall pet health. You'll also need to consider the cost of buying these supplies and how often you'll need to buy them. As a practice, it's better to buy in bulk even if the price is high; you'll save on the economies of scale.

  • Take the leap

Once you've considered all the above tips and advice, it's time to go get a pet! You may be overthinking your preparedness, and at some point, you'll just have to take the leap. After all, it really just takes love and care. So if you think you have all that love to give, stop overthinking things and get one already! On the other hand, if you think one or several factors hinder you from this big decision, just trust your gut and hold off on pet parenthood. Pets are living creatures that you have to invest a chunk of your physical and financial resources in.

Can't Own a Pet? Get Perfect Petzzz Instead

The experience of owning a pet is an opportunity that anyone must have. Perfect Petzzz believes that you can have a pet even if there are limitations or obstacles in your way. We offer life-like animals that serve as a perfect substitute for passionate would-be pet owners looking for a way that satisfies their will. Here's why Perfect Petzzz animals will fulfill your dream of owning a pet.

They are life-like

Perfect Petzzz looks and feels real. They are stuffed animals in their natural sleeping position and sleep and purr like the real ones, too. Running your hands on their fur would feel like you're doing it on a real pet. What's even better is they remain in their peaceful state so you can adore them endlessly.

Eliminate running costs

One thing that breaks the deal for aspiring pet owners is the cost of supplies. If they are living on a paycheck, owning just one pet will take a chunk off of it. So they forgo having a pet until their salary can cover it.

Perfect Petzzz eliminates this barrier and lets you own a pet without worrying about running costs for pet supplies. Instead, you get pleasant feelings and none of the financial costs. This means a hundred percent of fun and joy.

No objections from others

The common objections of people when you tell them you’re going to own a pet stem from two things: they're either worried you can't take care of it, and they don't like the changes that come when you decide to own one.

The addition of having Perfect Petzzz at home will only bring positive changes in your life minus the costs—they’ll surely add innocent and joyful energy inside the house that every family will enjoy.

Worry-free pet ownership

Another significant obstacle of aspiring pet parents is whether they can take that much responsibility as pet owners. This is understandable, considering we all have certain duties that require most of our efforts.

Life-like animals from Perfect Petzzz are designed with the purpose of helping you overcome your responsibilities instead of adding to them. You don’t have to worry about feeding, walking, and playing with them when you own a Perfect Petzzz. Instead, you can hang back with your sleeping buddy after a hard day of work and enjoy its soothing companionship.

Pets You Can Easily Have

This year, allow yourself the choice of owning a perfect pet. You've been thinking about having one for a long time, and for some reason, your own restrictions and other life obstacles have prevented you from doing so. Now you have a chance to set those aside and get the pet you've been dreaming about. But if the universe is saying it’s untimely for pet parenting, you can always have Perfect Petzzz.

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